4th Main Server is now open!

The 4th Main Server has been created by robby today. It will help people when all the other servers have a hight population of people and people cant grind there. Thats what robby said in the facebook page: A 4th Main Server has been created. This should help split up the high populations during peak hours. 

Mariofan1: New interview!

Mario paid me one and a half millon to interview him, and now he have an interview in the interview section. People can see the interview clicking here, or going directly to the link: https://helmetheroes.wordpress.com/mariofan1/

New hairstyles coming!

A long time ago, Proximity post a suggestion in the forum that said that if robby could do new hairstyles in the future. Well, I think robby read it and now he will do it in the next big update. Also, the hairstyles will also be changeable via the Payvault for cheap. In my point of view, the new hairs are really good. Robby said: Another small addition in the works for the next big update are several new hairstyles. Hair styles will also be changeable via the Payvault for cheap.

New artwork and designs in the game!

Yes, Robby post it on forum. We all know that the guild castles is coming, but robby dont want to wait for another update so he will put some new revamped artwork in the game. When I see that artworks, I start to think in the future of Helmet Heroes, an extraordinary future. If you want to see the images you can see it here:

Above is an example of the current style (left) vs the new coming style (right).

And the winner is…

 Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo – Miklo –

Send me a private message in game or in forum to claim your prize, 3.2m! Thanks to all who participad in the raffle! 😀 🙂 😛

2000 players mark Broken!

Yes yes yes! Helmet Heroes has set a new record this past weekend! the game get more than two thousand of people at once. The game is growing and his activity too, I hope that one day the game surpass the ten thousand of people.

Yes yes yes! 30% down the tickets!

Today robby post in facebook that this Friday the tickets will cost 30% less than the normal. Why he will do it? All the years people do a black friday, or black monday (like in Argentina), for the thanksgiving day in the United States. Generally, all the people do discounts in his shops. For that all, robby will do a black friday in the game this Friday. Robby said: Helmet Heroes is having it’s first sale this Friday. All Payvault tickets will be marked down 30% for Black Friday! 

Titanium Vulture and Bionic Bird!

Today a mega super bird come, with his “little sob”. The birds come into the update 6.04. To unlock the birrds in heropedia, people only need to stay in Robo City when the birds come. The drops of the birds are not sure, but we are sure they drop items. If you want more information about the birds you can look the images:

Preview of Guild Castle Wars!

Robby said: “Progress is being made on the Guild Castle Wars update. Hopefully it will be out before Christmas. Here is a small preview so far.”

Raffle! :D

Today I opened the raffle contest. In that raffle one person can get: three millons and two thousands(3.2M) of money. All you have to do is put you name of Helmet Heroes and your email in a comment. The 1 of december I will say who win the raffle. More information about the raffle: here.


People dont have to comment in this post, they have to comment here.

Merchandise is now here!

Helmet Heroes t-shirts are now for sale! You can find these by clicking the “Merchandise” button on the Helmet Heroes website, or by clicking the link below. More merchandise coming in the future. I think I will buy one or two t-shirts. The prices are good, and the t-shirts too 🙂


Pet Adoption District!

The Pet Adoption District is now open! You can place your pet up for adoption for other players to buy, or if your looking to buy an already strong trained pet you can find one here! For the moment the pet vendor cost 25 tickets. Information of it here:

Helmet Heroes merchandise

Good luck with that Robby! :]

Coming early next week, there will be Helmet Heroes merchandise for sale! Here is a preview of a few shirts that will be available.

Coming… Pet Adoption District!

Coming later this week, the Pet Adoption District. There people can buy and sell his pets like in the normal Trading District. Personally, I love the image of the pet, it is really crazy haha

“Adopt my pet, he is ugly!”

New menu for skills!

Robby redesigned skills menu, now it seems more cute, you can see it clicking in Skills when you click your character:

Wall slide and jump!

A small new update includes the ability to wall slide and jump. Check it out!

Elemental weapons!

All of you know that there are elemental weapons in game, with powers like ice or fire. Now it will be more insteresting because elemental weapons will add a new graphics. Also, robby changes the way element damage is calculated. Robby said: Small update released that adds in some cool effects for elemental weapons and changes the way element damage is calculated.

Facebook images in Helmet Heroes!

In the facebook page, robby said that people can see the image of hs other friends only entering with the facebook game application. That amazing, imagine if the game became more popular. Robby said: For players on Facebook, your Facebook friends that play Helmet Heroes will automatically be imported to your friends list. You can also now do what you’ve always dreamed of.. Invite your Facebook friends to play Helmet Heroes with annoying invites. Amaaaazing!

Players Choice: The Next Big Update

Today robby put an announcement in the forum of the game. Robby say that we can choose the next big update “Guild Castle Wars” or “Ultra Power Update”, we can vote it in a poll. Click here to open it. Robby said:

Hey guys! So I’m indecisive on what I want to work on as the next big update, so i’ve decided it’s going to be up to the players! While I’ll be adding some small things, fixing bugs, and changing some small interface things here and there, there are two big updates I have planned for the near future. And as always of course, there will be stronger enemies, more areas, equipment etc always being worked on. But for now, I need an idea what I should start on as far as the next BIG game update. I will go over what I have planned for them below, and you decide which you’d like to see first.

Take note that the below are a ROUGH idea of the updates I have planned. NOTHING is set in stone, these are just ideas and roadmaps for the future.

The Guild Castle Wars
This is most likely the bigger update of the two. This will be a very big feature GREATLY focused on raising the competition factor in Helmet Heroes. The idea is that each guild will be given their own territory, they will be able to customize the area in a large variety of ways. The main focus will be that you and your guild are trying to build up your area into a huge, huge castle (or building of some sorts). Building it will take long time, and will introduce another ability called “Carpentry”. Players will have to hack away (just like chopping) at objects in their guild territory in order build the castle. Also, this will greatly build upon the current crafting, chopping, and wood system as well as the fishing system. Although I haven’t worked out the specifics yet, there will be GREAT encouragement and benefit from destroying other players guild territories.

So the overall idea would be that your guild would constantly be trying to grow their territory and castle in the sky as large as possible. Members would be building away on the castle, chopping trees to gather supplies, fishing, and growing stronger to support their territory. Guilds could also schedule a time in which they will wage war on another guilds territory. In addition, pets will likely be able to set on “guard mode” in which they would be temporary removed from your pet inventory and placed on guard duty for your guilds territory. There will likely be cannons, towers, etc that you could place on your castle to help defend against intruders.

Ultra Power Update
The other update will be an awesome DragonBall Z/Super Smash Bros. inspired update. This update will be greatly focused around SICK visual changes of your character and well as possible fighting and physics changes. Rage will be replaced with a much more advanced form of rage that enables your character to “power up”. The more powerful you get the more insane your powering up will get. Low level power ups will consist of nothing but a small glow similar to how rage is now. But as you grow more powerful, there will be a vast number of awesome visual effects that your character will be endowed with. Your character will gain an aura as you get stronger, and this aura will grow larger and larger. Furthermore, as you reach insane power levels environments will start to take effect from your insane power. Trees will sway, players and enemies will blow away from you, small enemies will instantly blow up, environment objects will rise off of the ground into the air from your power, and electricity will surround you. At even MORE powerful levels, the entire area you are in will begin to shake when at full power and the environment will even turn black and enemies will burst into flames. Also your character will be able to attack and move faster than ever before.

Along with the vast number of sick visual effects I mentioned above, when you are in your powered up state the enemies/players you attack will behave similar to the Super Smash bros games. This means enemies will go flying and bounce off of environment objects, etc. The stronger you get, the farther you can send opponents flying. This part is an idea, I will have to do testing to make sure this isn’t too glitchy given the current physics of the game. But for now, this is what I’d like to do, although don’t quote me on it. I will have to make some improvements to lag and movement to PVP areas and such before this comes in place, but it’s part of the idea!

So yea, let me know what you guys think, and go ahead and vote! I’ll take the next several days or week before I go forward with one of the two. Until then, I’ll be adding some small things here and there. Thanks!

Happy birthday robby!

Today is the birthday of Robby Scherer, he have now 26 years old. We all should do a party for Robby or give him some messages, people can put messages here and then I will show it to Robby. From my part I will give him a “Super happy birthday” haha, I hope he pass a great day with family and friends. Now an image for robby:

Helmet Heroes is now on Facebook!

Like the title says: Helmet Heroes is now on facebook, and thats not a joke. Yesterday robby post on the official page of facebook about it, he say: Helmet Heroes has now become a facebook app! You can play on facebook without having to create a separate account. You can purchase Payvault items using facebook’s built in payment system. You can also log in off-site using the “log in with facebook” button. Play here:https://apps.facebook.com/helmet-heroes/ More facebook features coming in the future.

Also when you enter in Helmet Heroes game, it says: Log in with Facebook. People can buy more tickets with other methods in the facebook game page.

Helmet Heroes new art!

Today robby post in his official page a new awesome art that some people do for the game. Robby said: Another piece of awesome Helmet Heroes Art by a talented artist. Expect to see this and more cool wallpapers for download on the website in the future.


Shiny Fish Radar is here!

“A new payvault item is out that will assist you in tracking down shiny fish! It allows you to see the fish type, area, server, and creation date of shiny fish that have been recently spawned.”

That items enables the player to use the map menu to hunt down the last seen location of shiny fish.

How to do the Super jump?

“Super jump” is the technique in which the players make a super jump. This technique is good for use in places like PvP or GvG. The only thing needed to make it is to have a good skill level in the dash ability, and also have double jump (It is possible to do without it). Well, here are the step by step instructions to that:

  1. Go to the place that you want to do the super jump, player must be standing in the ground without move. 1
  2. The player have to run, but only one time.2
  3. The player have to run again doing the dash ability, hit one time and jump. (You have to do all at the same time)  3
  4. The player will do something like that:


[I will post a gift then of that jump, is incredible]

New skill and items! Halloween event active!

The update is here at last! You can now run at insanely crazy speeds and look like Frankenstein’s monster at the same time.
The Frakenstein set:

The dashing skill is amazing, get wherever you need to be at a third of the time!

Speed dash is activated by double tapping the directional keys. Each point increase your speed by 1. Uses 3 mp per second.

1-99 = 3 mp
100-199 = 6 mp
200-299 = 9 mp
300-399 = 12 mp
400-499 = 15 mp
500-599 = 18 mp
600-699 = 21 mp
700-799 = 24 mp
800-899 = 27 mp
900-999 = 30 mp

Credits to myself, Ameba (Main author), Naruto (Providing pictures), Teippio (Providing pictures), and the wiki (providing information and the mp cost formula).

New skill coming!

Yesterday Robby said that a new skill is coming to the game, the skill allows people to dash. The rush speed can be increase using skills points. The next week that skill will be in game! Thats what Robby said in the facebook page:


Curiosity: Robby said that earlier in the Armor games comment section, a month ago and now Its true. Possibly there will be a stamina bar. [Comment was written by christopher10280]

Private servers

Privates servers are now here! People can buy it for 3950 tickets(138M). Private servers can be used for a month only. You can create your own private server that you and all your friends have to yourselve. Here a screenshoot with more information about it:


The admin of the server can put some commans when pressing the “~” key, some commands are:

“playing” shows the list of all players in the server
“clear” clears the console window
“kick <player>” kicks a player from the server
“ban <player>” bans a player from the server
“password” shows password
“password <pass>” change password

The winner is…

Today I do the raffle, and the winner is.. TeippioSin títuloSorry for the language of the image. I do the raffle in a spanish programme, so it’s in Spanish. Teippio must pm me in game or in forum for the reward. 😀

Chicken suit!


The new chicken suit is here! This can be purchased for only 85 tickets from the payvault. With this set you can jump many times pressing the S key or the down arrow (↓). The set gives people: legs, armor and helmet.

New equipment and crafting!

Robby has introduced crafting! Create your own weapons, armor, and more! Make sure to save your money and start chopping if your interested in the new equipment. (You might need more levels too.) With a huge level requirement for new equipment:

Phantom Armor set

Raffle! :D

Today I opened the raffle contest. In that raffle one person can get: two millons and eight thousands(2.8M) of money. All you have to do is put you name of Helmet Heroes and your email in a comment. The 20 of september I will say who win the raffle. More information about the raffle: here.


New payvault item: Item Storage!

Today robby update the game. He solve some small fixes and put a new payvault item, the “Item Storage”. The item storage descripcion say: Allows you to store 13 items in your ATM bank. You can deposit and withdraw as you need. When we click more info, it open a new tab with all the information about that item:


Future Update

It’s been a long time since robby saw a few suggestions of items in the forum and liked it. That is why today he announced that in the next update will be many of these items in the game. There will be a chicken, and sets with very high levels, as the divine set or the darkane set. That is what robby said:


New record!

Yesterday, Helmet Heroes broke his last record of 773 players online. The game overcome the 1000 players online (1028 players exactly), and robby dont leave it as a simple record, so he post about it in the official page of Helmet Heroes. This is what robby said:


Future Houses

The game is changing a lot, fishes, chooping and more.. But how about houses?

When I see the page about chooping in the wiki, I see that in the future updates we can create our houses. But how we can create one? Well, you have to use the logs that you chop from the trees and then use it. But the houses are the only that we can create? No, you also can use the logs for crafting.

So my advice for all of you is save all the logs that you can in your account or in an alternative account, look me, I have 5 alternatives accounts full of logs.


Update 5.78


Robby dont stop updating the game, now the version of the game is 5.78. That small update fix some more errors in game. List of the updates in version 5.78:

  • Jump height (based on jump skill) incorrectly displaying for other players (bug fixed)
  • Logs and seeds are no longer displayed in the pet item menu
  • Miscalculation of damage when riding mounted pets (bug fixed)
  • Small bug with goof tree health and life bars showing up as different colors (bug fixed)

Update 5.77


Today robby updated the game to the version 5.77. That version fix some bugs and errors of the game and give another interesting things. List of the updates in version 5.77:

  •  Fixed bug resulting in “invalid trade” when one player offered shiny fish and other player offered item (bug fixed)
  • Enabled planting of trees near portals
  • USE bottom is now hidden directly after clicking it on trees to help avoid duplicate tree planting on top of each other
  • Added automatic tree spawn point in dozens of locations across every area to increase number of trees
  • Increase tree growth speed by 1/4
  • Reduced chance/number of logs dropped by trees when chooped down
  • Attempted to fix bug where proficiency XP is not being saves occasionaly (may need tested)
  • Very slightly reduced amount of damage done to trees
  • Reduced chance of smaller enemies and objets glitching throug cellings (mushroom bouncer in Mush Front)

Hello Helmet Heroes players!

Welcome to the blog of Helmet Heroes! I am Ameba and I will show you some tips and news about the fantastic game called Helmet Heroes. For the moment the blog is in a Beta phase because is new and the desing of the blog is not very cute. I will try to give all the knowledge to all the players who see the blog.